When I was 14 years old, I started making money with photography.
At the age of 18, I had three businesses.
At the age of 20, I quit everything because I burned out. 

In the years after, I slowly started saying 'YES" again. I wanted to try everything. From building websites, to marketing, branding, events, model and music agency’s, helping former entrepreneurs get back to work, and coaching people. All I wanted to do was learn and share what I have learned with others.

At the age of 24 I was in the finals of becoming business woman of the year in, what has been my hometown for years, Rotterdam. But that made me realize one big thing: I have always been pleasing others and saying yes because I wanted to learn. Not because I did what I wanted to do.

First thing I did was quit the competition. Second thing I did was take time to think. A lot of it. And now? Everything I do, I do from the heart. 


What I Actually

Studio Two Space


+ 140m2 studio
+ lots of daylight 
+ evening program 
+ photoshoots
+ events 
+ meetings 
+ Rotterdam 

Studio Two Space is a place to be creative. It is 140m2 daylight studio in Rotterdam. And more importantly: it is a place to meet likeminded people, share thoughts and create together.

I met my partner in crime, Ruth, during a network event I hosted in 2018. We stayed in touch for years, but never met again until late 2021, when we shared our vision. We were both missing a creative place in Rotterdam to host workshops, photoshoots and more. A place that did not only look pretty, but has endless possibilities to create at your fullest potential. We barely knew each other at that time, but we went for it. Two months after our conversation, we started renovating a studio we found shortly before that. After one month of renovating, Studio Two Space was born.

Sint Agathastraat 54
3037SH Rotterdam
Unit 2.2

To learn more about Studio Two Space, go to www.studiotwospace.nl

+ Matcha 
+ Japan 
+ 22 health benefits 
+ Green tea 
+ Ceremonial 

22.Matcha is my newest kid. I have been enjoying Matcha for quite some time now, but real Japanese Matcha was hard to find. The health benefits related to Matcha were too much to keep a secret. I wanted to share my 'gem' with the rest of the world.

After trying out different Matcha's for years, I kept searching for the best quality. When I convinced my (then life- and now, business) partner, Jeroen, to start digging into the health benefits of Matcha to get him to get rid of his coffee addiction, I was not the only one obsessed with Matcha anymore. Together, we did our own research on the health benefits of Matcha and found 22 reasons to share it with others. Since we're both firm believers in nature's power to heal ourselves, our mission became clear. We started working with a company that employs certified Tea Masters in Japan to search over 400 farms to find the best Matcha of every season and we chose to import the number #1.

If you'd like to know more about Matcha, go visit: www.22matcha.com

+ Weddings
+ People 
+ Portraits 
+ Locations 
+ Fashion 
+ Website 
+ A day in the life 
+ Destinations  

Photography has always been my favorite 'kid'. Capturing moments is what makes me happy. Working with different people and traveling to different places makes me feel fulfilled.

"I shoot people for a living" has been my signature slogan for over a decade now. But what I really do is help people bring their vision to life. Whether you're an entrepreneur trying to make a statement with unique branding photo's, getting married to the love of your life looking for pictures to last forever, a model building a portfolio after an inner (or outer) change or a company in need of new marketing content. I'm your person! With over 10+ years of photography experience I'm more than happy to help make your vision become reality. 

If you would like to discuss an idea, vision, moodboard or would like to check out my portfolio. Go to: www.nadiabozic.com

LCT is a project I have been working on with a very special team for almost three years now and I can finally say it will be launching soon. I am afraid I can't tell a lot about it, yet, but I promise that I will this year. 

LCT is more than bringing people together. It is food related. But mostly, people related - all over the world. It's completely new and yet something we're all familiar with.

I will tell you more, soon. I promise!